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Richard Murphy is a world leader on issues of tax – he was a founder of the Tax Justice Network and is a director of Tax Research LLP which undertakes research work for NGOs, unions and others. Credited with creating the concept of country-by-country reporting for tax, Richard has also worked tirelessly to highlight the issue of tax havens. In 2013 he was named the 7th most influential person in global tax. Richard Murphy is a UK chartered accountant. He writes, broadcasts and blogs extensively on tax, economics and related issues in political economy, the latter at

He has been credited with creating much of the current UK debate on the tax gap, tax avoidance and tax evasion; a debate that started with the publication of his seminal TUC pamphlet, ‘The Missing Billions’, in 2008. Richard has been a visiting or research fellow at a number of UK universities and is joint author of ‘Tax Havens, The True Story of Globalisation’, Cornell University Press, 2010 and sole author of ‘The Courageous State’, Searching Finance, 2011.

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