Below is the current draft of the programme for 10 and 11 September 2014. As well as the speakers in the plenaries we have an excellent set of breakout sessions:

Democratising investment and pensions – David Clarke, ShareAction

The use of economics in the referendum debate – Prof Robert McMaster, Glasgow University

Understanding runaway consumption – and how it can be stopped – Brendan Sheehan, Leeds Met University

The Four Footprints and the Circular Economy – Julian Kirby, Friends of the Earth, and Phoebe Cochrane, Scottish Environment LINK

Controlling money creation – Ben Dyson, Positive Money

Governing ‘new’ infrastructure funding and finance – Prof Andy Pike and Dr Peter O’Brien, Newcastle University,

The economic foundations of Latin America as a continent of hope – Dr Francisco Dominguez, Middlesex University

Beyond carbon pricing – the role of banking and monetary policy in financing the transition– Emanuele Campiglio, London School of Economics